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Respect God and speak English




First off let me say, regarding the commentary “Remove ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance” (June 25), I will be praying for Emily Thurston’s soul. As an incoming high-school sophomore, that puts her at about 15 years of age, if that.  Truly, she has lived long enough to form an opinion but not long enough to be incredibly intelligent.
Let me just say this, and this goes for religion and for language: If I’m in a Chinese school and they acknowledge Buddha, then I have no basis for having them change their history or rituals. This is America and our forefathers were religious men who were thankful that a supreme being such as God blessed them with such bounty. They acknowledged that under His blessings we have what we have.
On the same hand, and people are not going to want to hear this one, boy am I sick of hearing the bleeding-hearts club. If I am in France I am expected learn the language if I wish to stay there. Germany the same thing: live there, learn the language. In Mexico, I’d better learn Spanish and not demand that all Mexicans use English, which would be absurd.

So anyone in the United States of America (melting pot or not) darn well better learn the language the majority of the people use—English, period—or go back to their native country.  I’m the 50-year-old mom of a sophomore.

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