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Restaurants on the Edge



What's it rated? Reality-TV

When? 2019

Where's it showing? Netflix

Anyone in the food service industry will tell you that running a successful restaurant takes more time and resources than most people are willing to give. Restaurants on the Edge pairs up three co-hosts with desperate owners to save eateries with one thing in common—a beautiful setting with a beautiful view.

Restaurateur Nick Liberato works with owners to rebrand and rebuild their business while designer Karin Bohn brings beauty and local design to their spaces, and chef Dennis Prescott reworks the menu to feature local, fresh dishes that reflect their beautiful settings. This isn't a competition show or a tough-love treatment à la Gordon Ramsey, instead it's a feel-good bit of eye candy that breathes hope into some businesses in very dire situations.

If you love food and design along with stunning views and hidden locales, this is a great show to get your own creative juices flowing. It's feel-good reality TV but be warned: You'll probably be pretty hungry after a few episodes. (13 47-min. episodes) Δ


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