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Restrict development to conserve scarce water

San Luis Obispo



Water has been an issue for as long as I can remember, stretching as for back as the mid 1970s. But it seems to make no difference to the land developers, the financial institutions, and the landowners. It breaks my heart to see so many strip malls and homes being built on top of the best soil on the West Coast. Water is very limited and will continue to become less available. I believe we should impose a building restriction in this county, something like the following: No buildings, including homes, should be built if the occupancy rate exceeds a certain percentage, say 25 percent, and waterless toilets must be used in all new buildings. 

 Someone must say no when water is the topic. If “they” can stop smoking in the downtown area (which I think is ridiculous) I’m sure there is the will to do the right thing around here.

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