Richard Howell, General Manager, San Luis Obispo Regional Airport

903-5 Airport Drive, San Luis Obispo


NEW TIMES: What’s the history of the airport?

HOWELL: The airport has been here since the 1940s. It has grown quite a bit over the years, and our most recent expansion took place in 2007. We’ve increased the area to allow larger aircraft to land.

NEW TIMES: What’s the most popular destination of departing passengers?

HOWELL: Currently, it’s Phoenix. We receive quarterly reports about how many people are traveling to a specific city. Apparently, many people from this area have many business connections in Phoenix.

NEW TIMES: What are some locations passengers might be surprised you offer?

HOWELL: That’s a tough question. I wouldn’t say we have any surprising locations. Maybe some people might be surprised we offer travel to many of the large airports such as New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver and Chicago.

NEW TIMES: What kind of cash-conscious tips would you offer travelers?

HOWELL: The best advice I can offer is to book early. If you know when you’re going to be flying, don’t be afraid to book six months to a year in advance. However, around four to six weeks before departure, airlines can offer excellent deals because they might need to fill the seats. Check frequently on airline websites for special promotions and sales. Remember to be flexible and try not to change airlines if at all possible. Those can add up. ∆

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