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Right on, Pedro

Shell Beach



Reading Pedro Inzunza Arroyo's "Open letter to the Cal Poly president" (Nov.13) reminded me of the '70s, when southern universities demanded photographs with each application, to see one's color. This drove me to the West Coast, and I am proud of my alma mater, UCSB.

Somewhat like Mr. Arroyo, years after graduation, I also attended Cal Poly's College of Education. Since most of my classmates were current K-12 teachers, I learned that the educational system here was having enough problems simply evolving beyond the mere issues of crowd control, as was the case when I was a child. After reading this letter, it seems there is a devolutionary trend actually embracing ignorance.

If you have any hopes of making Cal Poly a "world class" institution, Dr. Baker, you had better actively turn the tide on this downward spiral right now.

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