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Roarke among us

Los Osos



Brilliant job on your recent cover article, ”Improvisational architecture” (March 24). It really was such a treat to be able to get inside the mind of one of SLO’s most prominent and upcoming architects. For those of us who lack that sort of right-brain thinking, the way Mr. Garcia is able to find the parallel between music and building design is so very original and palatable for the average citizen.

It’s an obvious compliment to the amazing program Cal Poly provides for its architecture students, but all the more amazing when we get to keep them in our own town! It’s also quite refreshing to see members of the building industry striving to meet and exceed “green” design standards. The way Mr. Garcia is able to weave green design and style offers us all hope for the (building) future.

The new Railroad Square has undoubtedly made its mark on our town, and I for one can’t wait to see his latest developments come to fruition. The level of schooling is evident in hearing Mr. Garcia’s own words describe his trade; however, we see them much more tangibly in the way his original designs scatter our town with their modern flair. As he reiterated throughout the article, it all comes down to personal taste, but whether or not his style is something you share, we have to credit him for his obvious originality. Thanks again, New Times, for this insightful article.

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