Robbery suspect apparently dislikes sex offenders



A robbery suspect who was shot by Grover Beach police may have targeted sex offenders, police said.

According to police reports, Grover Beach police officer Lt. John Peters shot Davis Jordan Griffin April 23 as he was trying to flee after allegedly robbing a gas station. After a brief stay in the hospital for a non-life-threatening bullet wound, Griffin was taken to the county jail and charged with armed robbery, trespassing, vandalism, and assault with a deadly weapon.

 The day before Griffin was arrested, police say he burglarized and assaulted two men he believed were sex offenders. Grover Beach police officers believe he was going down a list of Sex Offenders posted on the California Megan’s law website. 

The police responded to a robbery at 1284 W. Grand Avenue in the early morning of April 23. A man wearing a black sweatshirt and wielding a machete was seen running from the scene into a trailer park. They surrounded the park and searched door to door. When they found Griffin, whom they say matched the description, and asked him to surrender, he jumped into a car and allegedly tried to drive through a group of officers. Lt. Peters fired five shots, one of which hit Griffin in the leg, according to a police report.

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