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Rooftop solar not solar arrays



What if PG&E started installing solar panels on roofs with a professional crew, probably employing experienced installers from marginal companies that would go out of business if a huge company covering half of the state got serious about installing solar electric throughout the grid? That would also require new recruits and training.

I can’t even imagine the number of solar electric installations that could have been installed on public and private rooftops for the same cost as Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Oh yeah, PG&E has more money and power than I can comprehend. So instead of doing low-level residential rooftop solar, they will probably use their mega dollars to build huge solar arrays in the desert.

If the U.S. government is going to wimp out and end the solar tax credit, they should also exit the oil and gas subsidies for exploration (at least). But the state of California can and should continue to offer the solar tax credit on California income taxes. 

-- Ken Highfill - Cayucos

-- Ken Highfill - Cayucos

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