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Salud Carbajal's no vote on Kate's Law


"Help me Dad." These were Kate Steinle's last words as she died in her father's arms after being shot by an illegal alien who had been deported five times, had a record of seven felony convictions, but still found refuge in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. As a result of this travesty, Kate's Law was introduced in Congress to punish deported illegal aliens who re-enter the United States with a mandatory five years in prison.

Salud Carbajal voted against Kate's Law. In doing so, he chose to play politics rather than protect the safety of his constituents.

Kate Steinle was an innocent young girl whose life was cut short because there were no consequences for her killer's serial illegal conduct. The devastation of a life so cruelly taken will have lifelong effects on those who knew and loved her.

We cannot let tragedies like this keep happening, and, as citizens, we need to hold Congress accountable for protecting us with laws that prioritize our safety. Many illegal immigrants are hardworking and contribute to our society, but this legislation was a no-brainer and that's why it passed the House easily in spite of Carbajal's no vote. We need representatives who look out for us constituents, not ones who play politics just to receive more votes.

Please call his office at 805-730-1710 to tell him that we don't approve of this vote and we demand that he do what's right for his constituents.

Marlene Hudson


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