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San Antonio Centennial Blend and Granada Inn and Bistro's Break the Glass Ceiling Cocktail


Ever wonder what people drank a century ago? Well, it’s been 100 years since the Riboli family founded San Antonio Winery, and to commemorate this epic milestone, the Riboli family has released a very special 2014 Centennial Blend worthy of the history books. Made up of 36 percent cabernet sauvignon, 28 percent malbec, 21 percent petit verdot, 11 percent petite sirah, and 4 percent syrah, this wine has been quietly aging in French oak barrels for the past 24 months, creating subtle nuances of spice and vanilla. Snagging a bottle will set you back some dough, but I never said time travel would be easy.

San Antonio Centennial Blend—$85 a bottle; available San Antonio Winery tasting room in Paso Robles. 


Ladies and their allies took to the streets on Jan. 21 for the SLO Women’s March, and by golly if the whole world didn’t hear the collective roar. Granada made a special cocktail for the occasion that is just too cool not to mention, even if it’s not exactly “timely.” The Break the Glass Ceiling Cocktail, designed by Nasty Woman and house mixologist Dominique Gonzales, is crafted with sparkling rosé, local peppercorns, and topped with a stiff, candy-glass shell. After the march, the bar served the drink with a tiny gold hammer, which guests used to “break” the candy-glass “ceiling.” If this makes you extremely happy, you are not alone. Show your support and stop by Granada for a sip. The march may be over, but the fight rages on!

Granada Inn and Bistro’s Break the Glass Ceiling Cocktail—Price upon request; 1126 Morro St.  

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