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Save people from cellphones


I decided to take our dog Whitney for a walk after a five-hour drive from Grover Beach to the city of El Cerrito. On this walk, I was startled by the sound of cars crashing behind us on the street. But to my surprise it was a solo vehicle that struck a center concrete divider. There was no other car. He was distracted by texting while driving. After striking the divider the car swerved across a lane, jumped onto the sidewalk, and came toward Whitney and me at a high rate of speed. Before coming to a halt after striking a wall, I flung Whitney's leash over the vehicle hoping she would have a chance to dart away. I walked around the back of the car glancing at the driver whose cellphone was still in hand. The accident happened Nov. 12 and the next day we put our beloved Whitney down.

Your story "The phone habit" (Nov. 23) prompted me to send this message. I know your story is about walking and texting, but I felt compelled to hopefully reach people, save people. It has been a week and days since our loss. I think WHAT IF? What if I were pushing our granddaughter in her stroller that day?

Matthew C. Zepeda

Grover Beach

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