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Save water

Pismo Beach



My hat’s off to the Board of Supervisors and the Nipomo CSD. The water saving retrofit program is a good, first step towards implementing new technological advancements.

On many occasions, I have brought before the Pismo Beach City Council an additional idea. We need to have an ordinance introduced that will require all new construction and remodels of 50 percent or greater be required to install gray water recirculation systems. Up to 70 percent of all water coming into our homes is used for “other purposes,” such as watering the lawn, washing cars, etc. Let’s re-use the water. Only eight percent of the water that comes into your home is consumed and that figure is dropping because of bottled water.

The gray-water recirculation system is simple and straightforward, inexpensive, and virtually maintenance free. Our children and grandchildren need fresh, clean water.

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