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Say no to fracking in SLO County


In light of the Trump administration's decision to potentially open up l.6 million acres of federal lands, including in San Luis Obispo County, to fracking and other extreme oil extraction methods, Measure G on the November ballot becomes even more important to the preservation of our county. Measure G will ban new oil and gas wells and prevent fracking on unincorporated lands within SLO County. Unfortunately, it has no authority over federal lands like Los Padres National Forest or the Carrizo National Monument. But a yes vote on Measure G and the subsequent creation of laws banning new oil and gas wells and fracking will send a strong message to federal officials to stop encouraging unwanted fracking and other extreme oil extracting methods in our fine county.

The No On G lobbyists, financed by Chevron and Sentinel Peak Energy Resources, are sharing their exaggerated "talking points," distortions, and untruths. The core lie being that Measure G supposedly shuts down the Arroyo Grande oil field (in Price Canyon), when, in fact, the measure exempts existing oil extraction and protects existing job and taxes. Another distortion is that supposedly fracking will never happen in SLO County. However, the opposition won't explain why in neighboring Kern County there are thousands of fracked oil wells or that fracking was attempted in Monterey Country until a federal judge intervened in 2013, stopped it, and required an environmental impact statement be prepared. Both of these counties share a similar geology with SLO county.

Now that the Trump administration is encouraging fracking and extreme extraction of new oil, the Big Oil assertion that fracking will never occur in SLO County will be put to the test. This is perfect timing for a yes on Measure G.

Charles Varni


Coalition to Protect SLO County

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