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Say no to the Morro Bay wind energy project



This project is a serious danger to whale migration/navigation (anchored into the seabed a mile below!) and serves only to keep the power plant “on ice” for the future start up of a large desalination unit or some other very destructive industrial use of the “once-through cooling” seawater intake. 

Scientists are also concerned about the effect all this vibration will have on marine life. Don’t allow this mass industrialization of our ocean. There’s no need for them at all—home rooftop solar panels do the job without all the carnage. These are the same old energy companies and opportunistic profiteers with links to multi-national corporations trying desperately to stay in charge of our energy on/off switch.

-- Joey Racano - Morro Bay

-- Joey Racano - Ocean Outfall Group director

-- Joey Racano - Director, Ocean Outfall Group

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