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Say 'yes' to publically financed elections



Jono Kinkade’s “Dollars and Sense” article in the March 3 edition of New Times stirred my blood. Just think: 

• The way elections are right now, money determines who will run, who will be elected, and who will not.

• The candidate with more money has a large advantage, because he/she can buy the necessary publicity, hire the most experienced staff, travel extensively, etc. The candidate without independent means and influential friends is placed under an extreme disadvantage. Public financing takes away that advantage. No one can buy their way into an election. Imagine that!

Al Fonzi’s uninformed response ignores the fact that 84 percent of the American people on both sides of the aisle feel that our electoral system needs major reform. Public financing does not shackle, but empowers everyone. It cannot fix everything because of the existing laws. Only people standing up to insist that their candidates accept public financing will do that.

The current SLO City Council has done a great job without outside interference. Let’s make sure your future council members are free from that interference as well. Stand up and tell the council to vote yes on the “Integrity in our Elections” ordinance on March 15.

-- Norm Jackson - San Luis Obispo

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