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Science is science

Santa Margarita



A new term is popping up in Tea Party literature: “conservative science.” Science is, of course, neither liberal nor conservative. It is a method aimed at getting the best answer from the facts. There might be disagreement over the answers, but they are not based on being conservative or liberal.

Conservative science, however, is merely making your mind up about something and declaring anything else as false. Conservative science says that global warming is really a United Nations plot to take over the world government. It says that a woman who is raped cannot get pregnant. It says that electing an investment banker will be good for the middle class. No real science has ever supported any of those claims, but hey, this is conservative science.

Using the term “science” in Tea Party literature is a feeble attempt to gain some credibility in an otherwise archaic and self-serving philosophy. Let’s face it, most Tea Partiers are faith-based. They have faith that their beliefs are true for everybody, even if real science does not support them. I believe that everybody needs faith in something, but please, let’s not use the term “science” to convince ourselves of it.


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