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Scout's Olallieberry Milkshake and Blackhorse Coffee's Uptown Freeze


A foolproof way to see if you’re talking to a local: Can they properly pronounce the word olallieberry? Do they know what olallieberries are? Have they tried them baked into a Linn’s pie? If you get three right answers, you can let them into the club. What club do I speak of? Why, the olallieberry milkshake club of course! Take them to Scout Coffee and order up the thick blend of olallieberry and Therabee honey goodness. It feels good to be in the club, doesn’t it?

• Scout's Olallieberry MilkshakeAbout $5; 1130 Garden Street, SLO.

When I asked the barista, “What is a Blackhorse Freeze?” she simply said, “Like a Starbuck’s Frappuccino, only way better. Oh, and with more caffeine.” She was right on the money. That’s exactly what this icy coffee blended Slurpee thing is, and it’s my new hot weather go-to, especially when I need to get stuff done. Now, if only they could create a margarita for when I don’t need to do anything at all.

• Blackhorse Coffee’s Uptown FreezeAbout $4; 796 Foothill Blvd., SLO.

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