Seamus Finn-Chandler

Sustenance Studio owner and chef


NEW TIMES: What does Sustenance Studio provide for the Central Coast?

FINN-CHANDLER: We allow people who are passionate about food the chance to sit, enjoy, and create a meal that they can be proud of. We live in such a beautiful area filled with delicious produce and fabulous wine, and we can provide the knowledge on how to treat these ingredients with the respect they deserve in a safe and friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy good food and good friends.


NEW TIMES: Where did the idea come from to start this cooking studio?

FINN-CHANDLER: We wanted to provide an area where people didn’t experience a typical restaurant. In fact, a restaurant wasn’t what we wanted to provide at all; we wanted to have a social gathering of people who love food and can enjoy the company of others. So far, the reception has been wonderful, and we’ve been doing our best to offer a variety of cooking classes that will tantalize anyone’s taste buds.


NEW TIMES: What are some of the cooking classes and events you’ve been a part of or plan in the future?

FINN-CHANDLER: Throughout the summer, we’ve been focusing on light and delicious food that utilizes the wonderful produce and seafood in season. In August alone, we’ve had a raw-food-cooking class as well as a sushi-making class. We’ll be involved with the Mathis Clark concert on the 26th, and we’ll be at PCPA the next day on the 27th. We have a calendar on our website that lists all the classes and events that will be taking place, which you can check out on

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