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See Canyon Fruit Ranch's Apple Cider and Cronologie's 2015 Verdelho


The only thing sweeter than See Canyon Fruit Ranch’s ice-cold apple cider might be the delicious local honey they also produce on site. I suggest trying both, if you can stand it! It’s amazing that there’s no added sugar in this enchanting blend of ripe Avila Valley apples. Grab a few frozen jugs for the holidays and you will not regret it come November. Just don’t leave it at the kids’ table unattended. It will be gone in 10 seconds flat.

See Canyon Fruit Ranch’s Apple CiderAbout $10 for a half gallon; 2345 See Canyon Road, SLO.

Produced by Filipponi Ranch Cellars, this lemon-lime delight is sure to beat the Indian summer blues. When it’s 108 degrees in SLO, you just aren’t going to be grabbing for a dark red wine. Chill to ice cold and pair with fish tacos, citrusy ceviche, or a simple bowl of chips and guac. Optional but fantastic: A kids’ blow-up swimming pool and a pair of shades.

Cronologie’s 2015 Verdelho$18 a bottle; 1850 Calle Joaquin, SLO. 

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