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Seize the seismic insanity

Los Osos



Thar she blows—an outdated, rickety nuclear waste plant precariously perched at the confluence of 13 earthquake faults, one of which is nesting beneath her vibrating, radioactive bosom. “Fire!” screamed the man in the theater. “Safety!” screamed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Say bud, can you spare 500 nautical miles by 15 nautical miles, and throw in a brand new State Marine Reserve while you’re at it?

Let’s get this straight: Blowing up 117 whales and goodness knows what else will not change anything. The only thing seismic testing will do is earn PG&E a certificate allowing Diablo Canyon to stay in operation until the Big One hits. Then, we’ll all have 20,000 years to think about it before we can return home to our Central Coast.

-- Joey Racano - Ocean Outfall Group director

-- Joey Racano - Director, Ocean Outfall Group

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