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After earning such a favorable response from their "Faces of War" memorial piece that spent four months stationed in the window of Boo Boo Records, Melinda Forbes and YOUTEW (Young Objectors United To End War) are ready to drive their point home. The eight core members of this student activist group plan to fly to Washington, D.C. for Mother's Day, to display their work at the Vietnam War Memorial and meet with president.

This month, the group is organizing an art sale and peace dance to raise money for the cross-country flight, and nine local artists have donated works created specifically for this fund-raiser. The collection, "Pathways of Peace," features a thoughtful series of shrines and sculptures, including works from Paula Zima and Jon Anderson from Yes.

"Traction," a particularly powerful piece by Stephen Plowman, depicts an altar of wealth - a 10-inch dollar sign - resting on a foundation of the proletariat - a menagerie of plastic figurines and characters.

"The American democracy was founded on ideas of high values and basic human rights. As it's developed, white men have risen to the top and set it up so it all feeds them money," Plowman said.

As his piece demonstrates, "Money is the highest ideal; other values are set aside if money is involved. Money has become God over the natural world."

A more sanguine contribution from Carol Paulsen, "Domestic Agenda," employs the icon of an ironing board, holding up a globe that's painted with holding hands.

"Peace begins at home," Paulsen said simply.

Another symbol of good fortune, a horseshoe, holds a basket of everyday items like stones, flowers, and candles, "A shrine of things we have an abundance of and should be grateful for."

Other contributed works include "Connections" by Heidi Harmon, "The Pathway of Spirituality" by Paula Zima, "The Garden Path" by Tom and Simone Smith, "The Path of Healing" by Joanne Ruggles, "The Path of Reflection" by Ginny Bayly-Hill, "There's No Place Like Home" by Meg Johnson, and "The Path of Light" by Anne Kellogg.

The works of art will be for sale and on display at Boo Boo Records and Phoenix Books until April 16, at which time the exhibit will proceed to the Odd Fellows Hall for the fund-raiser peace dance, featuring homemade refreshments and live entertainment by Café Musique. Tickets for $15 are available at Boo Boo Records and at the door.

For more information, call Melinda Forbes at 438-5077.



Kent Flowers launched the Central Coast's first and only fully functional online furniture superstore in July 2004, and on Saturday, April 9, Flowers will be celebrating the Grand Opening of My Furniture Paradise. Located at 1590 Grand Ave. in Grover Beach, in the Grover City Plaza behind Wells Fargo, My Furniture Paradise now offers customers the premium showroom experience with the same online discount prices. The Grand Opening festivities will feature additional discounts - forget about paying sales tax - and dozens of giveaways, including fountains, paintings, a deluxe recliner chair, and dinners next door at Rudy & Angie's. For more info, visit MyFurniture or call them at 474-4949. ...

... You're never too young to do a little yoga, which is why Vickie Carroll has started Bouncing Baby Yoga & Movement. Fun for babies, toddlers, moms, and dads, these innovative classes are filled with music and motion. It's all based on a foundation of yoga, with special focus on movements for the baby and positions for the post-natal mom. The healthy, relaxing programs are offered on Fridays in Arroyo Grande, and classes are also forming in Atascadero and Morro Bay. The sessions run four weeks and cost only $36. For more info, call Vickie at 423-4233. ...

... A panel of Jews and Palestinians will gather at Cal Poly on Sunday, April 10, in a "Living Room Dialogue" addressing peace in the Middle East. Len and Libby Traubman will facilitate the event, as panelists share personal stories in this free public forum from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at the Christopher Cohan Center on campus. The Traubmans are founders of the Living Room Dialogue Group, which is known for bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and political opinions. The group has been profiled by CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. For more details, call Terry J. San Filippo at the Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts, 756-1216. ...

... Congratulations to the students and staff of Pacific Dance Center in Morro Bay. At the Urban Jamm Dance Convention in San Jose on March 19, staff members Kelly Allen and Leticia Halas and student Tyler Syfan each took home a convention scholarship prize. To learn more about the Pacific Dance Center, call Karen Garman at 772-6763.


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