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Sewer delay is driving cost up even more


The Regional Water Quality Control Board’s letter of Dec. 7 to LOCSD states Los Osos must get on with the sewer.

“Controllable project delays, such as delaying construction to re-evaluate project and treatment technology alternatives, including relocation of the site … would clearly be within the CSD’s ability to control … if the CSD violates the compliance schedule due to such controllable delays, staff would recommend enforcement of Order No. 00-131.� Fines!

Repeated studies, environmental review, mitigation, lost grants, and litigation have already cost Los Osos millions! The cost is going up $16,000 per day!

Sewer opponents say they have a cheaper way and will save us millions. Yet, their proposed technology has already been studied and soundly rejected by the RWQCB. Attempting to start over will only be disastrous.

We need to stop fighting and focus on lobbying our representatives for funding the unfunded mandate placed upon us, and work together to find grants to help pay for the project.

The real issue facing us is protection of our drinking water and the bay. Saltwater intrusion is already upon us. We can’t delay the sewer any longer. Let’s get on with it.

Pandora Nash-Karner

Los Osos

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