Sgt. John Bushmann

U.S. Army Recruiting


NEW TIMES: Since we can’t ask about Afghanistan, how are recruitment numbers these days?

BUSHMANN: Oh very good, very good. As far as the actual numbers per, let me get my little thing out here. As of November, we had a goal for the month of 6,858 and we’ve recruited 6,916—so that’s just over 100 percent. … So our recruiting is very good. Thank you, economy.


NEW TIMES: Worst gift to give a soldier?

BUSHMANN: The one thing that annoys us the most, normally, is the usual fare: the big, bright Christmas sweaters, the stupid reindeer scarves. Things like that, that ain’t us.


NEW TIMES: Best gift?

BUSHMANN: Gift certificates.


NEW TIMES: How is camouflage being worn these days?

BUSHMANN: Well, it’s a really weird digital pattern, but we’ve gotten word that it’s going to be changing soon. We don’t have the new designs yet. … They might actually look pretty cool.


NEW TIMES: Who looks better in boots, men or women?

BUSHMANN: If it’s just the boots, definitely the women. Otherwise, I think overall the guys usually do, just because they wear so baggy it doesn’t really do anything for a woman.

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