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Shame on cronyism in South County



After years of struggle between right and might, the Knudson Audit Report presented Wednesday, Jan. 20, at the South County Sanitation District Board Meeting in Arroyo Grande proved that something has stunk in sewer district management practices for more than a decade. The report will now be sent to District Attorney Dan Dow. As a South County resident/taxpayer, I wish to thank the many volunteers, former and current Sanitation District employees, and a few elected officials who worked tirelessly to pull off this win for the people ... often at great costs to themselves and their families.

The powers that be who served on the district board of directors with contractor John Wallace rubber stamped reckless use of public funds. They blocked efforts to track millions of missing taxpayer dollars. People lost their jobs. Dedicated elected officials such as former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson were labeled “an embarrassment to the community” in attempts at character assassination. But she fought on, as did Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill and others.

Shame on those who sought to bury the truth. You know who you are. You conspired to silence these voices. What say you now that your lies, cover-ups, and cronyisms have been fully documented? Let’s insist that law enforcement follow up with legal action.

-- Sharon Biddle - Grover Beach

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