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Shame on New Times and Bob Cuddy


I must hand it to Bob Cuddy. For an intelligent and educated columnist he sure knows how to use vitriolic language to prove he is right and the other side is all wrong. Let's recount the adjectives and names he used in his recent article "The T-word" (June 29). Here are the words describing the elected members of the GOP: narcissistic, ignorant, blowhard, goof, pick pockets, stooges, chinless, tortoise, reptile, sinister, puppets, chickens, warlords, and deranged.

This is exactly what is wrong with the press. Instead of criticizing the act or the idea, they attack the person. It is lot easier and draws more attention than a logical discourse. Shame on Mr. Cuddy and the New Times for an article completely devoid of any rational discussion.

Endre Vargha

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