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Shame on you, ‘parking fairies’


After reading “Miracle on Higuera Street� by The Shredder (Dec. 23-30), I was highly disappointed. Not only did it have no mention of the option to park in the parking garage, the first hour being free, but it also left out a very important detail about the fairies: These fairies were harassing one very specific parking attendant to the point of the police being called. That turns holiday cheer into a horrible holiday nightmare, causing that attendant to fear more harassment. That to me is definitely not holiday cheer. In fact, it makes me quite angry.

First, why were these fairies hired to break a city ordinance at all, holiday season or not? Business owners in the city of San Luis Obispo have a good reason for wanting that kind of turn-around on their store fronts — more revenue, maybe? Secondly, if the “group of anonymous San Luis Obispo downtown business owners� are excited enough to even put forth the cost (and I understand that it was a few bills), why are they not coming forward to defend at least their original intention? Unless, of course, it was one of law breaking and harassing to begin with? Shame on you anonymous people, for causing such a frightening holiday season for one of the members of our working community!

J. Wheeler


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