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Shame on you, wussies

San Miguel



The Shredder (“Haters”, Oct. 30) revealed that New Times possessed a photo showing the racist symbols at the Crops House together with McCain campaign signs. Shame on New Times for not running that very inflammatory image.

Racism is alive and well when “good” people ignore the consequences of illegal behavior. To those in the Cal Poly administration who gave the racist good ole boys a talking to, I say: Go to your room, meditate, and do not come out until you can apologize for your own bad behavior.

Shame on the editor of New Times the photo should have been on the cover page. What a bunch of play-it-safe wussies you are at the newspaper. Did you not want to confront this very serious issue because it was so close to the election and would appear embarrassing to supporters of the McCain/Palin ticket? Shame. Double shame.

Editor’s note: The photograph mentioned by the Shredder was not published because it was of poorer quality than the one that appeared and would not have been legible in print.

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