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Shocking statistic about LGBTQ youth

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I am writing regarding the shocking statistic in the June 29 New Times (advertisement on page 3) about LGBTQ-plus young people in San Luis Obispo County: 48 percent of them have seriously considered suicide!

Just before the end of the school year, we ended up protesting the heinous suggestion by SLO High School teacher Michael Stack that the Bible is 100 percent accurate that these people are "deserving of death." The school came up with a 10-point list of areas to address, but we need to do more! These young people are our future, and they need to know they are valued members of our society, no matter what they might see on the news, hear from teachers, or see on social media.

The Central Coast Coalition for Inclusive Schools is already working on this, but we need to be sure we're making a difference everywhere by encouraging all our young people to be accepting of themselves and others.

Michelle Call

San Luis Obispo


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