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Short on time? Los Osos offers a bonanza of Open Studios



Over-sharing is so underrated.

Stroll into real-life studios manned by real-life local artists during ARTS Obispo’s 17th Open Studios Art Tour happening now through Oct. 18. You will see art, yes—but you might also catch a glimpse of something even more interesting: the inner-workings of creative minds! 

There are literally hundreds of artists to pop in on during this adventurous self-guided tour, and Los Osos boasts somewhere around 40 of its own stops. These unique destinations include homes, garages, galleries, and shared workspaces. It’s good to be nosey when it comes to art, trust me.

At Bonestell Studios in Los Osos, you can steal a peek of Ann Bonestell’s eclectic mixed-media works, including paintings and 3-D designs popping with melted beeswax, pigment, and resin. 

Her equally artistic husband, Jay, is inspired by landscapes and fauna, with a special love for native wildflowers and birds. His art is brimming with reclaimed wood, sidewalk castoffs, rocks, shells, and tree bark. That’s right, go forth and explore your art world, people. The doors are wide open.

To see who’s showing what across the area through Oct. 18, visit For more information on Bonestell studios, go to

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