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Show me the evidence


So who are the liars?

Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, all California's finest; Chuck Schumer, one of New York's greats; all the mainstream media mouths; or is it Robert Mueller? Each of these, except Mueller, stood directly in front of TV cameras and stated they had evidence that President Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians. They were all righteously indignant and quick to condemn the president when they hoped he had colluded.

Schiff is still babbling on about collusion. Where is your evidence, sir? What do you have that Mueller missed? How pitiful you all look.

The media mouths are even worse. What a despicable lot. You could almost see them drooling in anticipation of the guilty findings from Mueller. Has even one of the above apologized to the president or his family? I, for one, am fed up with these hypocrites and the calls for impeachment. I would rather see a few dozen recalls of these overpaid "public servants." (Who believes that title?)

This paper has recently run editorial pieces calling for Congress to start doing what we pay them to do. Make America great again (their words). Where was that call over the past two years? Now that the heat may be applied to the Democrat liars with another investigation into who started all these fabricated collusion charges and wasted $25 million (can you say witch hunt?), suddenly the media wants to move on and get Congress to do what we pay them to do.

I say have Mueller investigate who started this attempt to take down our president, pull every one of them out from under whatever rock they crawl under, and let the American people see what a slimy lot they are. I wish the president would sue each and every one who said he/she had evidence. Produce it!

Glen de St. Jean

Santa Maria

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