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Show us the money

Morro Bay



May 7, firing David Edge, county administrator: $235,000. Gail Wilcox, paid administrative leave: $? Hire Jim Grant: He probably will put his retirement on hold, then at the end of his temporary stint as county administrator will file for a new retirement—what is his current retirement and how much more would his expected new retirement cost the county? Hire lawyer Sarah Robertson at $300 per hour for weeks or months.  The total for this incident will be obscene.
If Wilcox is the assistant county administrator, why is she not the acting administrator?  Is she incompetent?  If she is incompetent, then why has she been working at a position in which she would be expected to take charge if the current county administrator could not do his job?
San Luis Obispo County has a budget deficit of at least $30 million. What in the world have the taxpayers of this county been paying our  supervisors, administrators, and staff for? Or why?

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