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Show your research



In response to Zoey Duty's letter of Sept. 5, “Fact is, the quarry is a good thing”:

Duty says her research indicates that adding gravel trucks to town and school zones make them safer. This would seem to be counterintuitive to me.

She fails to give her research sources so that we may review her data and come up with the same conclusion. Was it Caltrans or a school superintendent who provided the information she states? Did she talk to the crossing guards that have to deal with the traffic and large trucks going to the solar plant every day?

I guess research is where you find it and how you interpret it. (Chicken Little?) I would hope Ms. Duty is able to take a drive on Hwy. 58 and do some more research. Take a look at the proposed entry, even though it may be hard to find. Las Pilitas Resources has yet to install any type of sign for people to find the proposed entry. When I asked a Las Pilitas Resources representative about signage, I was informed signage will be installed after they are granted a conditional use permit.

I will be patiently awaiting your research data.

-- Eric Booker - Santa Margarita

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