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Shun the character assassins


It's hard to remember a more bitter and caustic election season than this one. Leave it to the "Progressives," Adam Hill, and some Trilogy NIMBYs on the Nipomo Mesa to heap their constant nasty vitriol on 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton in their efforts at character assassination.

A case in point is the recent letter to the SLO Tribune written by Laurance Shinderman who has made it his mission to distort Compton's stellar record. Shinderman is living proof that with every project completed by developers, they import the opponents of their next one.

He first appeared in the battle against Phillips 66's rail spur when he forcefully advocated denial of that project. And who voted against it? Supervisor Lynn Compton.

While Shinderman won't be happy with any of the many things she has done to benefit her district, Lynn Compton has run a dignified campaign. That she refuses to jump into the pigsty and sling mud like he does is to her great credit.

With all the noise out there, it's time for voters to do the right thing and shun the falsehoods of the character assassins like Laurance Shinderman.

Tom Dawson

San Luis Obispo

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