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Shut down gas-powered leaf blowers

San Luis Obispo


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Dear San Luis Obispo City Council,

A single gas-powered leaf blower can emit as much pollution in one year as 80 cars. They are noisy. Waste gas. Unhealthy for people, pets, and plants. Worsen allergies and asthma and irritate the lungs.

Because they operate at such high velocities, leaf blowers stir up the mold, allergens, and dust particles that otherwise have been tamped down with rain and decomposition. And what about the poor person who is carrying this toxic time bomb around on his or her back without any protective gear? I can’t put little goggles and a face mask on my parakeets sunning themselves when the leaf blowers are out and about. Protective gear is not the answer. Outright banning is the only safe and sane thing to do.

Raking and sweeping with a broom is good exercise. Doesn’t cost $4 a gallon or hit a deafening decibel level of 70 to 75. I would think the landscapers exposed to this kind of toxic, irritating, noisy, polluting lung irritant would be screaming bloody murder. I know I am.

Many cities with a concern for their residents and air quality have banned gas leaf blowers. So, San Luis Obispo, what say ye?


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