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Sierra Club thanks Rush Limbaugh

San Luis Obispo



Bob Blair’s letter (“Blame environmentalists for the gusher in the gulf,” June 3) is part of a campaign that sprang up last month after Rush Limbaugh told his dittoheads that the Sierra Club should pay for the Gulf Coast disaster. (The presumption being that we “forced” oil companies to go drilling for oil in places where they don’t have a disaster response mechanism commensurate with their bottomless greed.)

Since then we’ve received more than $100,000 in donations from supporters who have gone to sierraclub.org and clicked on “Rush Said What!? ” to help us “pay.” Rush Limbaugh is now officially the Sierra Club’s biggest fundraiser, and we’ll be sending him a thank-you note on behalf of everyone who’s contributed. We’re also forwarding any personal notes that donors wish to include. All donors and Limbaugh will have the satisfaction of knowing their contributions support Sierra Club’s work to promote clean energy solutions and put an end to offshore drilling.

 We’ll also be sending Rush a Sierra Club backpack, so he can take a hike.

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