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Since when is expertise a liability?




Regarding Colin Rigley’s article, “So long, Sarah” (Dec. 17): The first to go are the intellectuals, in this case the critical and holistic thinking SLO Planning Commission Chairperson Sarah Christie. Rigley describes her loss as a consequence of her expertise—since when is expertise a liability? This pompous and contrived pit stop between real cities has enough of its own problems to deal with that Christie’s departure is like a coup de grace given to a proud bull that has been pierced by a leotard-wearing dandy. The short list of problems this fiefdom has and will face include a nouveau trail of tears walked by the un-landed rabble who inhabit Los Osos come the installation of an overpriced water treatment facility, negative exposure in the New York Times by one of its journalists who recently sniffed around Dan De Vaul’s ranch, lame interoffice grab-ass by Gail Wilcox and a public employee union negotiator … the list goes on.

 My heart breaks for Christie. Unfortunately, most people are just too well-fed or content to do anything. Those who might take issue? Well, you can almost hear them eating their cake

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