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SLO City Council snubs neighborhood



An “important city goal” for 2015-2017 adopted by the SLO City Council is neighborhood wellness. The council ignored that goal and the pleas of the neighbors by approving a massive four-story, 43-foot-high development at Chorro and Foothill, with Councilmember John Ashbaugh dissenting.

The out-of-town developer received numerous exceptions: a 23 percent height increase, 35 percent unit density increase, and 40 percent parking reduction. All are exceptions to our general plan and design guidelines.

There will be 33 parking spaces for 27 units, all but four of which are two-bedroom units. If each resident owns a car, there will be from 50 to 96 cars. These extra 17 to 63 cars (plus visitors) will be competing for space in the adjoining neighborhood. This building will tower over the single-story residence to its south, separated by a 5-foot buffer.

We need fresh minds and a new perspective on City Council. If you share my concerns, please consider Mike Clark and Mila Vujovich-La Barre for City Council and Heidi Harmon for mayor. I believe these candidates will actually listen and represent our residents, help preserve our city’s character, and actually advocate for neighborhood wellness.

-- John Grady - San Luis Obispo

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