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SLO County leads on destructive regulations

Central Coast Real Estate Investors Association president and co-founder



My name is Mario Estrada, and I’m the president and co-founder of the Central Coast Real Estate Investors Association. I read your commentary (“Airing grievances,” April 12) concerning these new regulations being imposed on the very people who are creating badly needed housing. My main concern here is this: Who are the people that are passing these laws? Where is the money going? Are these people elected by the people? Have there been any scientific studies by an independent third party that verifies any of
their claims?

I have already forwarded this commentary to various real estate investments clubs throughout the state. We know that SLO County tends to be the leader when imposing these types of regulations, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see this catch on in other areas.

These regulations will destroy the housing market to the point that very few people will be able to sustain the market prices due to the shortage this will create.

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