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SLO down, City Council


Watching the current San Luis Obispo City Council in action, I simply don't understand what it's doing to the Anholm neighborhood residents. I may not live in that area, but my 30-plus years of experience in San Luis Obispo tell me that the council is not working in the best interests of its constituents in any part of town. By its own numbers, only 300 people might bike on Broad and Chorro streets on any given day. Is this a sensible rationale to discomfit an entire neighborhood? I'm sure the affected residents comprise a much larger number, and they have strongly voiced their opposition to the plan. Many people in other parts of town share these same concerns.

With the council's nonsensical notion that we will all be riding bikes or taking local transportation to our destinations in the coming years, I question the council's knowledge of the SLO demographics. It makes me wonder how many council members bike to their meetings. Not too many, in my past experience. The plan presented is also fiscally irresponsible for a city that has expressed such significant budgetary problems that it recently sought to increase both sales and property taxes.

What makes sense, to spend more than $1 million on a bikeway that may or may not work?

We have an election coming up. Let's find and elect candidates who have the best interests of the entire San Luis Obispo community at heart. This council certainly doesn't.

Dodie Williams

San Luis Obispo

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