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SLO has a responsibility to the birds and their habitat

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The San Luis Ranch loggers have cut a large (10-foot) fire thorn on the bank of Prefumo Creek just below where the creek from Cerro San Luis comes in.

This tree has been a heavy fruit producer and was loaded when cut. Every year, migrating flocks of robins and/or cedar waxwings spend a couple of days here gorging on the fruit.

The loss of this tree will not be measureable in terms of total food in the flyway. However, it is this incremental whittling away that has reduced the carrying capacity of the flyway—and wildlife habitat in general.

Riparian vegetation has many values to many species, both from its physical characteristics and food production.

It seems odd that the city would require/permit the cutting of riparian trees and shrubs and especially those right on the bank of Prefumo Creek. Any government, when permitting an activity, then has the responsibility to monitor and ensure that best practices are employed.

The cutting of this especially important specimen was totally unnecessary.

Steve Eabry

San Luis Obispo


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