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SLO has more work to do

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Our green SLO City Council has made great strides on saving the earth, but there's much more to do. Here's a short list:

1. Ban hotels and motels and airbnbs from giving guests tiny plastic bottles of shampoo and lotion. This would eliminate hundreds of thousands of these pieces of plastic pollution each year. Since the city makes so much from hotel taxes, they must exert leadership in greening city tourism.

2. Ban leaf blowers. Their primitive engines put more greenhouse gases into the air than a truck. Their noise pollution drives people crazy. And their main accomplishment is stirring up dust and putting it into the air we breathe—a third form of pollution. Brooms and rakes have none of these negatives and also build muscles.

3. Since autos are a thing of the past and we're entering the auto-less future, the city must eliminate its two lots of free downtown employee parking. It must also eliminate auto allowance subsidies for the city manager and city attorney. If the city expects residents to change how they get around, it must lead by providing a good example.

Brenda Holmes



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