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SLO shouldn't eliminate natural gas in new buildings


The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County (RPSLO) opposes the city of San Luis Obispo's adoption of proposed amendments that would lead to the elimination of the use of natural gas.

New building projects choosing to incorporate natural gas will be required to meet a higher performance standard, and will be required to pre-wire for future all-electric. Although natural gas will be allowed for current and new projects throughout the city, the projects with natural gas will be required to pay a carbon-offset fee in proportion to how much gas will be used.

These amendments are not required by state law, and have not been evaluated in terms of their cost impact on already-impacted new housing or remodeled construction, nor have the energy consumption impacts of the proposals been evaluated.

This mandatory conversion to all-electric will impose a disproportionate financial impact upon the working poor, the elderly, and those on fixed incomes. All-electric homes are more expensive to operate and increase the cost of housing!

The proposals are another attempt by the City Council to promote its extreme environmental credentials at the expense of residents and taxpayers. RPSLO urges the City Council to take no action on them.

Randall Jordan



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