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SLOMA offers after-school art classes



There are a lot of things your kids could be doing after school: watching re-runs, throwing rocks at cars, poking dead animals. Why not teach them the invaluable art of making art? 

SLOMA is offering a slew of after-school art classes for kiddos age 5 through 12, both at the museum location in downtown SLO and through satellite classes at Ocean View Elementary (Arroyo Grande) and San Gabriel Elementary (Atascadero). You know what they say. Take a kid to a museum, and they’ll learn about art for a day. Teach a kid how to express their inner artist, and they’ll learn art for life! Plus, class sizes are limited to just 15 kids, and teachers are experienced artists with knowledge to lend. And this ain’t no popsicle stick birdhouse racket. The classes are designed to help students build higher level thinking skills, with opportunities for students to analyze and make judgments in the field of visual arts. Yes, that’s right. Your kid may become more cultured
than you.

Classes start Oct. 1. Sign up by calling 543-8562 or email

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