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SLOPD needs to be more sensitive



Reading the Oct. 12 article "Six sexual assaults reported to Cal Poly," I was deeply disheartened with the words used, and the dismissive attitude conveyed, by SLOPD Sgt. Chad Pfarr when it comes to females reporting sexual assaults on campus.

For a man in charge of the very investigations being reported, he certainly does not give off an air of compassion or competence, with his victim-blaming. If he is the best "man" for the job, then I think the chief of the San Luis Obispo Police Department needs to immediately begin officer training on the subject of sexual assault investigations, and sensitivity training in general.

The blaming of alcohol and caustically telling the potential victims that they just "feel like" they were assaulted is absolutely unacceptable. Do better by your female community members Chief Cantrell, and start with Sgt. Pfarr.

Arroyo Grande

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