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SLO's new construction displaces longtime residents


I am writing to express the great disappointment I feel over the new construction projects in San Luis Obispo and the one at Foothill Boulevard and north Chorro in particular. You see, my 94-year-old father lives there and is now being evicted. He is a veteran on a fixed income who has lived in his rental home for 30 years and in SLO for 52 years.

My father is a very vibrant 94-year-old, but this is a very unfortunate event at this stage of his life. For all the obvious reasons, which include age and income, this move is going to be hard. His home is his life. He is married and is a journeyman carpenter with a workshop at his home that keeps him very busy. We all converge on his small modest home, which is the hub for family gatherings. How sad to take that away from him!

To find a place that will fit his needs will be close to impossible. He will have to give up a place to build and fix furniture pieces for family and friends and a gathering place for loved ones.

The projects that I have read about taking place in San Luis Obispo are really affecting longtime residents of San Luis Obispo. In the name of "progress," they are doing it on the back of elderly and vulnerable people. It's very sad and unfortunate that my father has to be subjected to this at this late stage of his life.

If you know of any agency names and numbers I can contact to help my father relocate in SLO, it would be greatly appreciated.

Teri Hernandez


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