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So an Irishman walks into a bar ...



Many folks stateside like to associate St. Patrick’s Day with one thing: booze. Sure, America’s appropriation of Ireland’s most famous saint has resulted in many a pint consumed and few hours of the night remembered, but there are so many other things to love about St. Patrick’s Day beyond green beer and an endless stream of Jameson.

For one, green looks good on almost everyone. It’s a one-size-fits-all color. Two, and this may come as a shock to some, but the Irish can palate more than just salt and cabbage (although they happen to do those things best). The Central Coast has a multitude of offerings for good eats this St. Patrick’s Day, and it would be a shame to waste all that stomach space on Guinness alone.

You can head on over to Pappy McGregor’s for some Irish potato skins at $9.95 for six skins topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, chives, and Ranch dressing. Try their fish and chips—always an Irish favorite—as a main course for only $12.95.

At the SLO Pasty Co., you can feel warm and Irish at the same time by grabbing a bowl of their Irish stew for $6.50. No Irish stew is complete without an order of soda bread, so get yourself a batch for $2. If you’re in the market for something a little heartier, try their very tasty shepherd’s pie pasty for $9.

Once you’re done stuffing your face, you’ll be ready to tackle any drinking and Irish merriment the day has to offer.

The most important thing to remember about any American celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is to have fun and leave the car keys at home. Also, be sure to stave off the hangover in advance with a delicious, Irish meal before you indulge in any car bomb competitions.

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