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If it hasn’t happened already, a day will come when you stare into the fridge and realize you’re in a rut. Your usual can of Coke or Pepsi will be staring back at you, but the spark will be gone. Soon, you’ll find yourself reaching for water with tragic defeat.

The good news is this fate can be avoided entirely with one trip to San Luis Obispo’s newest candy and soda shop: Rocket Fizz. Rocket Fizz is a utopia of bizarre, awesome, and unique sodas sure to get you out of your pop-rut.

If you’re feeling patriotic, try out the “Seal You Later,” a soda dedicated to the boys and girls in camouflage who took down Osama bin Laden. In fact, the Seal You Later is just one of a series of sodas dedicated to less-than-peaceful dictators. There’s a Kim Jong-il inspired soda and a Muammar Gaddafi inspired soda. Both promise to refresh and remind you how good it feels to be American. To cap it off, there’s now a Snooki soda, and while she may not meet the strict definition of a dictator, there are probably plenty of folks in the Jersey Shore who could make the strong case for a revolt to overthrow her position of power.

Lester’s Fixins will help you get rid of those thirst and hunger pangs. You can go for a lunchtime fair soda and grab a bottle of Pb&J flavored pop, or if you’re feeling like you need something a little more substantial you can’t go wrong with the delicious sweet corn soda or the buffalo wing soda.

Anything you choose from Rocket Fizz, whether it’s a root beer or a Snooki Wild Cherry soda, is guaranteed to make your old soda choices look like a knock-off Sam’s club, second best.

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