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Solutions to the oil problem

San Luis Obispo



Correcting three root cause problems will go a long way toward making America self-dependent, and move us toward regaining the honor and respect we no longer enjoy on the world stage.

Root Cause 1: The oil standard. Our next president should immediately initiate a “Manhattan Project” on energy, using our best and brightest to provide workable solutions to take us off the oil standard. Because oil is directly related to literally all of our economic and military issues, this is JOB ONE. It must be a unified effort that can’t be squashed by Big Oil and Detroit for their own self-serving greed.

Root Cause 2: Broken education system. Re-focus our educational system with the objective of producing world-class American scholars and thinkers. Forget canned concepts like No Child Left Behind. The very lifeblood of our country—our intellectual talent—is wasting away because education has been shorted on every conceivable front.

Root Cause 3: Deceitful elected officials. The last seven years of lies, smoke-and-mirror games, blatant dishonesty, political spin, unprovoked wars, arrogance, and idiocy at the top cannot happen again. We must elect passionate, sensible, ethical, progressive leaders who won’t lie to us and are accountable to us.

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