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Some people's heroes




The conventions are over, thank God—that is if you are allowed to mention God. Our choice is simple: Vote for a younger, charismatic, teleprompter-reading, self-admitted Marxist mentality that disrespects our allies and placates our enemies, with less experience going into office than Sarah Palin, or a Mormon business man who has made the hard choices, built businesses, whose success is envied by all yet criticized by liberals, with no arrogant flamboyance and more character, who says God bless America—not God damn America.

Barack Hussein Obama’s (I’ll probably be arrested for that one) popularity lies with the unfortunate poor and unemployed dependant on a government check, Hollywood types who will do or say anything just to keep their names in the headlines, and those who rely on their emotions to make their decisions, while Romney supporters are essentially just the opposite. The DNC speakers mentioned people like Lyndon Johnson, Ted Kennedy, and Bill Clinton, all Dem, as their heroes. Really!

Franklin D. Roosevelt, with the majority of Dems and Repubs, signed into law the Social Security Act, which Lyndon Johnson, through a series of legal loopholes, raided to finance the Vietnam War, bankrupting the fund. Ted Kennedy had a history of drunken womanizing and sexual bullying. His drunkenness literally led to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne; he pleaded guilty and received a two-month suspended sentence. Until now, the Clintons have voiced their distain for BHO—now endorsements? Clinton should have given his convention speech wearing a blue dress and smoking a cigar, while lying to the American people professing that he has no idea what the meaning of sex is! That whole thing didn’t cost taxpayers much, did it?!


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