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Jordan Cunningham mocks COVID-19 restrictions



Some of our friends are still grieving the loss of their loved ones. Some are still trying to recover from the virus. A dear friend of mine is still struggling with COVID-19 side effects, working to get her sense of smell and taste back. Still, the most tasteless comment comes from our own state Assembly member, Republican Jordan Cunningham. Following the GOP rules of conduct, Jordan decided to mock COVID-19 restrictions, once again.

This time, on March 25 he posted a Facebook picture of him at a soccer game with the caption: "Friends, I risked my life today ... attending my kid's soccer game," in response to the one-parent-rule guidelines from the California Department of Public Health. He added, "Here is photographic evidence to prove the incredible danger." The picture portrayed families watching a game respecting social-distancing guidelines.

Some constituents laughed at his comments, while others have called out his recklessness. Jordan went a step further and responded to some comments, saying it was sarcasm, but then he added: "The Constitution still exists, and still prevents arbitrary and capricious government dictates. So while my tone is joking, I am dead serious."

Yes, he said "dead serious" while mocking restrictions that are meant to err on the side of caution, because we have lost 550,000 people too many, including 255 SLO County residents. Can you believe that we pay this man to represent us in Sacramento? A six-figure salary even. What a waste of taxpayer money.

We're now in April of 2021, and the rise in hospitalizations in 19 states is threatening a fourth COVID-19 wave. Doctors are telling us that we're not out of the woods yet, that we need to be patient and follow COVID-19 guidelines, but this doesn't seem to faze our state Assemblyman. As much as Jordan Cunningham avoids talking about Trump, his words and behavior show us the stark similarities. Both endorsed by the Republican party, both downplaying a life-threatening virus, both attacking Democratic governors, both against safety guidelines, and both risking us all. Birds of a feather.

My utmost respect to the front-line hero who left a comment in his post: "As a hospital worker, your indifference has put my life and my families' life in peril. As I continue handling hundreds of tests daily, I am sure glad elected people like you get to voice their inconveniences. Perhaps the voters next time will remember this. I sure will."

We all will. Δ

Rita Casaverde is the chair of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party. Send a response for publication to letters@newtimesslo.com.

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